Individual tour "In the footsteps of the Vyborg tram"
We invite you to the author's walking tour "In the footsteps of the Vyborg tram".

April 1, 1957 in Vyborg, a decree was signed on the elimination of tram traffic.
45 years the tram announced the city streets with its ringing.

During the tour, we will learn how the tram traffic started in Vyborg, where and on which streets this tireless assistant of the townspeople walked.

We will talk about the fate of the tram in the Republic of Finland and during the years of Soviet power.

We will also talk about how the life of the tram was reflected in the press.

The tram was far from the safest mode of transport.

Unfortunately, there were accidents and tragic events.
Where and when it happened - another topic of the tour.

The tram was inseparable from the life of ordinary citizens; this is remembered by those who caught the movement of trams in Vyborg.

Stories and facts from the life of simple vyborzhan are also waiting for us during the walk.
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Excursion route:
  • Railway station
  • Lenin Avenue
  • North Shaft Street
  • Town Hall Square
  • Fortress street
  • Leningrad Avenue.
Duration of the tour:
3 hours