Tramway Mont Blanc - a trip to the foot of Mont Blanc
The Mont Blanc tram (also known as TMB) is one of the last jagged railways in the mountains of France. Together with the train Montenver, is the highest railway in the Haute-Savoie Department.

This cog railway runs up, from Saint-Gervais, Le Fayet, through meadows and pastures and small mountain lakes, through Les Houches in Nie d'Egles (Eagle's Nest) at an altitude of 2372m.

The line is served by three old trains, painted in different colors: blue, red and green. Each train is named after the 1957 owner's daughter. Each train is painted with the names of Anna, Maria and Zhanna in golden color.
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  • From Les Houches, on Bellevue lift (1794m) to take the tram.
  • From Le Faye (584m) or Saint-Gervais (792m) to the Wozt Pass (1653m): Having stopped for the residents of the village of Motivon (1400m, you can get to the Mont Blanc tram only in winter), the train crosses the forest and reaches the Wozze Pass in 45 minutes .
  • From there, enjoy the view of the Bionasseus glacier and the Aiguille du Guterre.
  • From the Vauz Pass to Bellevue (1794m): The Mont Blanc tram crosses the mountain range, providing a full view of the Kontamin valley, Aiguille du Guter, the Aiguille Rouge and Aiguille du Midi.
Stops along the way
Each of the six stops offers many opportunities for the departure of pedestrians: Saint-Gervais, 792m; Motivon, 1400m; Vaza Pass 1653m, Bellevue, 1794m, Mont Lasha, 2115m and Eagle's Nest, 2380m, to the Bionassei Glacier (closed this summer due to work).

You can take the train at one of the two stations, Le Fayet or Saint-Gervais. Stop in Motivon, located in the middle of the forest, used mainly by locals.

You can also take the train from Coll de Bouz, Bellevue or Neu d'Egl, but do not forget to have a checkbook with you or enough cash, credit cards are not accepted here.

The train arrives at Nigh d'Egl only in summer. In winter, the terminal station of the train line is Bellevue.