The history of the Bus
The history of buses dates back a couple of centuries ago. The first bus created Richard Trevithik. It happened in 1801. On December 24th of that year, a demonstration was held in Camborn, England. The car worked on a steam engine and was capable of carrying up to 8 people.
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In 1886, the first bus appeared, which began to work on electricity. It happened in London. In an hour, he could drive an average of 11.2 km. In Russia, such buses were produced in 1901 in Moscow by the Dux plant. The bus, the speed of which could develop up to 20 kilometers per hour, could accommodate up to 10 people.

The German plant "Benz" in the period 1894-95. released a bus that had an internal combustion engine that ran on gasoline. The bus contained 8 passengers, its route lay between the cities of Germany along a 15-kilometer highway (Netfen, Deutz and Siegen).

In Russia, the very first bus with an internal combustion engine was manufactured at the Frese factory in St. Petersburg in 1903. The body of the bus was open, it could accommodate 10 people. The power installed on the bus single-cylinder engine was 10 horsepower. He was able to reach speeds of up to about 15 km / h.

In the XX century, the next stage in the history of the creation of buses began, they began to be used as public transport. In 1903, in the month of April in London, for the first time, the city bus took the route. In Russia, as public transport, buses were launched in Arkhangelsk in the summer of 1907. It all started with the German bus NAG weighing 6 tons. It had a 26 hp engine. and accommodated up to 25 passengers. The first bus passenger route was opened in St. Petersburg in November 1907. In the Petersburg List, a message was posted on this occasion, stating that a car — an omnibus or a bus, as they are now called, drove up to Alexander's day by Alexander Garden (opposite Voznesensky Avenue).

At the end of the summer of 1908, a bus service was first launched in Moscow. But the regular movement began only in August 1924, it was then that buses of the brand "Leyland" in the amount of 8 pieces, took the first permanent route, running from Tverskaya Zastava to Kalanchevskaya Square.